Here you can find a list of co-authored publications non-indexed in Scopus | PubMed. The list is updated on a regular basis. Click on the green link to the left of the corresponding paper to get the full citation and read the related abstract.

Non-indexed publications
Bilateral mandibular dentigerous cyst in non-syndromic patient: technical strategy and literature review. Archives of Health Investigation | 2020
Surgical Treatment of Osteoradionecrosis of the Jaw with Adjunctive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: A Multidisciplinary Case-Report. Global Journal of Oral Science | 2020
Fresh Frozen Homologous Bone Graft: An Atrophic Maxilla Reconstruction. A Case Report. Annals of Clinical Case Reports | 2016
Reconstruction and Implant Rehabilitation of the Completely Edentulous Maxilla and Mandible Utilizing Iliac Crest Autogenous Block Grafts: A Clinical Case-Report. Oral Health and Dental Management | 2015
Vertical and Horizontal Guided Bone Regeneration around Endosseous Dental Implants: An 8-Year Follow-Up Clinical Case-Report. Austin Journal of Dental Applications | 2014
Computer-aided flapless surgery for implant prosthodontic rehabilitation of edentulous patients: a clinical case report. European Journal of Oral Surgery | 2013
Chirurgia flapless guidata per la riabilitazione immediata di edentulie totali: descrizione di un caso clinico. Quintessenza Internazionale | Speciale Implantologia 2012 | Article in Italian